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history of magic meme | one family
                  ❝ en stirps nobilis et gens antiquissima b l a c k.

–––– The Black family traces its origin back to the Middle Ages. They claim to have entirely magical ancestry, but as Sirius Black informed his godson Harry Potter, no true pure-blood families existed by the twentieth century. The pure-blood families like the Blacks simply removed Muggles and Squibs from their family trees. The Blacks place a great importance on blood purity, considering themselves akin to royalty in the wizarding world and disdaining Muggles, Squibs, Blood traitors and Muggle-borns. The family motto, which can be found on the family crest, is T o u j o u r s P u r , which means “Always Pure” in French. Many members took this phrase very seriously. 

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We’ll find her. Don’t worry.

I had  w i n g s once, and they were  s t r o n g. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once. But they were stolen from me.

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can’t sleep so i jumped on the bandwagon (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

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this pretty much sums up the book/movie

Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone - fucking except for you!